About Us

Kendallville Internet is a part of Alliance Internet Communications, LLC. Alliance Internet is an Internet services company based in Northeast Indiana, and started in 2015 to bring together area Internet service providers and expand into new communities in Indiana. With Kendallville Internet as part of Alliance Internet, we are looking forward to servicing the Kendallville area.

History of Kendallville Internet

Kendallville Internet installed its first wireless equipment and three 120 degree antennas at the end of the year in 2005. Our main tower is on a 150ft tower in Kendallville Indiana and we started the service with 1.5 Mbps Down and 1.5 Mbps Up.

Our first repeater was installed in the beginning of 2006 so we could maintain, add new customers and of course enjoy high speed ourselves. The cool thing was one of the original owner's home is 5 miles north of Kendallville where high speed in the country was unheard of.

One of Kendallville Internet's first business customer wanted to know if he could get service at his house in Corunna? After a survey and talking with his neighbor we now have a 2nd repeater in Corunna installed in April of 2006.

As the word got out, our third repeater was installed on a customer's tower in a housing development in the country in mid 2006.

Kendallville Internet in 2007 increased our customers speeds to 3.0Mbps down and 2.0Mbps Up with no price increase to our customers.

In 2008, we lost 40ft of our 150ft tower due to an ice storm. During replacement of the tower sections, all of Kendallville Internet equipment on all of towers were replaced with state of the art equipment to provide our back hauls the required capacity for future growth and to ensure our customers have a 99+ % uptime.

In 2009, a current customer took over Kendallville Internet and after taking over the company, had major health issues that has slowed the growth of the company for a period of time.

In November 2011, we are looking at increasing are speeds again and providing 6.0 Mbps Down and 3.0 Mbps Up. Our throttled service in November 2011 will now be 512K Down and 512K Up.

For July and August 2011, we installed three new additional locations for our customers. This will provide a total of 7 towers for Kendallville Internet. See our coverage map.

At Kendallville Internet, we owe many thanks to our customers as we still have over 95% of the original customers from when we started providing internet service in 2006.


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